Handwriting holds our history…


Familiarity and strangeness are the most strong deciders of our reaction to any being, or any situation, or any action in particular. When we are familiar to any person, it makes us just a bit more warmed up to that person by just a natural way, we just seek familiarity in every context.. if we find even one familiar thing, in a strange and unnatural circumstance, we hold on to it, and that gives us a spirit of moving ahead, of moving towards even the most strangest of all phenomena. The world is strange but is also very familiar in its own discreet and beautiful way. We as people are different, are strangers to this known but unknown world.. but we all come from somewhere, we all know ourselves better in one forgotten but a very known way.. Our history, our life, our world, is all a part of who we are, and it all, after all has come from the most beautiful and artistic way.. writings.. the writings, the art, the glory of what we are, of what we have become is all enclosed in a now strange but a very familiar way that's handwriting. Handwriting, now, has become the thing of the past. We had left the hands of those, who held our hands strong and hard when we needed it the most.. Without it, we would be unknown to a lot of, a lot of strange but beautiful history.

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