Writing My Story

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You know, things are better, when doing what you love becomes a way of life. You know, things are getting better, when you realise that sometimes what you cherish and believe in, does come true eventually. You know, happiness is just around the corner, when you realise that what you were seeking for, has come with its own two legs and own little wish to greet you again.

Writing may have been forgotten or may have become a rare thing or just a piece of art, but when you see that after all, it was just hidden, just waiting to be found, gives you a pleasure.. unexplainable and sometimes unquestionable. For me, writing has always been a form of pleasure, a form of just clearing my head of all the mess that was ever created, a way of realising myself again. Today, I wish to take it back all over and restart with a end that I crave for.

Writing fills your life with beauty, with charm, with those little droplets of water you wish to just look at holding a warm cup of coffee in your hand just like holding your favourite pen and just waiting to write on the piece of parchment whose smell is your favourite smell in the world.

Write, keep writing..

Make writing your muse...

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